Join DesignTrue DFM Partner Program

Making it Easy to Design for Manufacturability

Design manufacturability is not a just designer's problem, nor is it just the fab house's problem; it's everyone's problem. Cadence® DesignTrue DFM technology helps you validate manufacturability and shorten design cycles. You can check DFM rules in real-time while designing so you can get your design done right the first time.

That means you need the rules earlier, sometimes before you even start your design. Through the DesignTrue DFM Partner Program, you can easily communicate your unique design requirements directly to leading manufacturers. They'll build a custom set of manufacturability rules specific to your design and send you a DesignTrue DFM rules file you can read into the Cadence environment. No spreadsheets, no guessing, no second guessing. You'll spend less time going back and forth, and get your design done right the first time.


Easily Apply Custom Rules for Your Design and Optimize for Manufacturability

  • Seamlessly request custom manufacturability rules from leading manufacturers for your design.
  • Automatically configure design constraints by importing rules from your manufacturing partner without spreadsheets or manual entry.
  • Get real-time feedback on your DFM rules while you design, not after you design.
  • Find and fix, and avoid, manufacturability errors earlier in your design cycle.